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August 21, 2017




If you have ever asked yourself  “Is it necessary to update my plugin?” the answer is “Yes”.

Some of the reasons you should update plugins is that it often fix bugs that were detected in the previous versions. There are often added features or functionalities to the updated version. It also increases the security by patching vulnerability and strengthening against attacks.

These are some of the many reasons you should always update your plugins to the latest version.

In sight of the above, the Woocommerce Product Designer plugin, one of the most powerful solutions for web to print products has been upgraded to help you have a stress free business experience with your customers.

Below is a list of the major feature changes of the Woocommerce Product Designer plugin, you should know about.



Creating one custom product was easy. Creating dozens was much harder and depressing since you had to do the same thing over and over again. Using configurations, you can now create a set of parameters for a custom product and assign that set to multiple products. Upgrading one configuration will change all products it’s been assigned to.


Print ready PDF files

We’re now able to generate 300 dpi output PDF files with crop marks, bleed and trim areas.



How to upgrade?


The version 5.0 of our product designer is now a major upgrade. We strongly suggest you take these steps in order to upgrade:

  • Create a duplicate of your live website on a test area
  • Remove the old version and install the version 5.0
  • Run the upgrader that will create a configuration for each custom product
  • Run the order process for every custom product you had and check if there is nothing wrong with the migration of the data and the outputs generated.



  1. Francois Bergeron

    Can’t update no file in my e-mail and version 4.11 on envato market

    August 28, 2017 at 2:15 pm

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