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July 20, 2016




You might be part of those who ask themselves “Is it necessary to update my plugin?” the answer is “Yes”.

3 good reasons you should update your plugins are as follows. It often fix bugs that were detected in the previous versions. There are often added features or functionalities to the updated version. It aslo increases the security by patching vulnerabilty and strenghtening against attacks.

These are some of the many reasons you should always update your plugins to the latest version.

In sight of the above, the Woocommerce Product Designer plugin, one of the most powerful solutions for web to print products has been upgraded to help you have a stress free business experience with your customers.


Added: skins features

Added: color scheme features

Added: ability to hide add to cart button for custom products

Added: ability to assign the same templates to multiple products/variations

Added: ability to define a single templates page that can be used for all products and all templates

Added: ability to reload a design on the user account page

Added: control to prevent cmyk outputs if Imagemagick is not installed

Added: multiple hooks for javascript and PHP for addons development

Added: hidden option to disable the requirements error message

Fixed: customers are still able to download if the order failed

Fixed: permalinks issue when there is not a trailing / to the postname

Fixed: products sold individually on editor (quantities are hidden for products sold individually)

Fixed: bounding boxes parameters are removed on save

Fixed: price formatting issue

Fixed: output settings defined by product are not properly read.

Fixed: bounding box not responsive

Fixed: Removed some user interface settings to make it more user friendly. You may need to set your UI colors once again.

Upgraded cliparts display.


Whilst we are still working to make it a better plugin,this added abilities will surely make your online store easier to manage.


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