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Kandi: The Best WooCommerce Custom Phone Case Designer

People all over the world love their phones. Every adult is constantly staring at, chatting, swiping, liking and scrolling away on their phones. It goes without saying that, we all like to personalize what is ours. We like to add a touch of ‘us’ to our things – be it our rooms and private spaces, or our cars. This makes us more comfortable. Our phones are not an exception and it can be achieved by using a custom phone designer.

As phone companies launch new models, the phone case industry also churns out the cases to go with them, almost simultaneously. Eventually, these phone case stores found their way online and offered their cases for sale on the internet. This gives their site visitors thousands of options to choose from – a time-consuming activity if the store had a lot of options. Review became easier with the addition of a product designer which allows feature selection, but this is still limiting because each buyer still has to choose from the available options. It was still not unique to each customer.

The advent of Custom Phone Cases

Someone came up with the brilliant idea to allow users to customize their phone cases, by adding patterns, or even pictures. This increases the uniqueness and individuality of each piece, so no two phone case designs need be the same. History was made.

Customers could now customize their ordered phone cases, by requesting for the addition of custom text and images or patterns to them. The process had loopholes though. Often-times, the customer and the phone case vendor may have a communication gap as to the placement or arrangement of the phone case additions. This usually resulted in conflict and losses. Developers decided to brainstorm again and thought up a custom phone case designer plugin as a solution. One that would allow the customer to visualize the end product, and even do the designing themselves, by clicking and dragging the mouse over their selection. The onus now falls on us to select the best custom phone case designer software for our stores.

The Kandi custom phone case designer plugin

There are many product designer plugins out there that include phone case customization in their list of features like our WooCommerce Product Designer. Only a few WordPress plugins are specifically for phone case customization. The best option for your WooCommerce store in this category is Kandi custom phone case designer plugin. I will tell you why:

The Kandi custom phone case designer comes with these great stress-relieving options for a minimal fee:

  • Managed hosting,
  • Domain name purchase and renewal,
  • WooCommerce store setup,
  • Round-the-clock maintenance and support
  • Plugin customization based on customers requests (for an additional fee)

So you sit back and get to focus on other important stuff while we take care of the technical part of your site for you.

The general option is to just get the Kandi custom phone case designer plugin, especially if you already have your WooCommerce store running.

Core features

The core features of the Kandi custom phone case designer plugin can be segmented into three sections:

Design features

  1. Easy-to-use User Interface: the user interface was designed with your ease in mind. The designer window has tabs, properly depicted with icons, that lead you to the various features you can use to customize your phone case.
    Screenshot of Kandi Custom Phone Case Designer
  2. Add your own Design Templates: Your customers may find it difficult to create phone case designs from scratch, and this can lead to a reduction in sales. The Kandi custom phone case designer has a feature that allows you to create design templates. Your customers can choose from them at the front end, to create their masterpieces.
  3. Font Compatibility: Having a lot of options as regards fonts, for Custom Text addition is a great feature for every product designer plugin. The Kandi custom phone case designer allows you to set up your own fonts. These can be web fonts or uploaded TTF files.
  4. +1000 Clipart included: Clipart and memes liven up a picture, how much more, a phone case design. The Kandi custom phone case designer has +1000 clip art, icons and graphics included. It also allows your customer to upload more.
  5. Social Media photos import: Most people have their best images sitting on their social media pages e.g. Instagram, Facebook and may want to use these in their customizations. Kandi custom phone case designer is built to let your customers import images from their Instagram or Facebook profiles into their designs.

Ease of use features

  1. Phone Case Layout grids available: To aid your customers in designing, the Kandi custom phone case designer has a set of nine photo case grid layouts. These will act as guides that your customers can use for proper alignment.
  2. Phone Case Sample Data included: There are so many types of phone cases that your customer may want to customize. The Kandi custom phone case designer is prepared for this situation. It has data sets of different phone case types that include their images and mockups. Your customers can use them as ready-to-use products on your online store.
  3. Custom Pricing Rules: Optionally, aspects of the customization in the Kandi custom phone case designer can be priced e.g. number of text characters added, number of images uploaded etc. These aspects come with optional conditions. The customer’s final price will increase if the conditions you set in the pricing rules are met.
  4. Translation Ready: The Kandi custom phone case designer is ready to be translated to any language, as it is compatible with WPML, and any other translation plugins.

Print preparation features

  1. Ready-to-print customizations: Whether its just Custom Text addition to a phone case, an image upload, or a total skin upgrade for the customer’s selected phone case, the Kandi custom phone case designer ensures that the end results are high-resolution ready-to-print images, that can be sent straight for production.
  2. Printful Integration: You can speed up the process for your customers by taking advantage of the integration with Printful, a print-on-demand service that also handles shipping for your customers – a Win-Win situation.

Choosing the Kandi custom phone case designer for your store really is the best decision you will ever make.


  1. tamas

    Please let me know when will be available the plugin!

    July 23, 2019 at 10:17 am
    • Origin Orion

      I will 🙂

      July 24, 2019 at 6:17 am
  2. Lamba

    I’m in need of this plugin for a project I’m currently working on. Should I wait for its release or consider an alternative plugin/solution? The project is due in 2 weeks.

    September 23, 2019 at 9:47 am
    • Origin Orion

      No i’m sorry we won’t be able to make it in two weeks…

      September 23, 2019 at 11:45 am

    Do you sign the templates of the mobile case models? For example; iPhone 6s to iPhone 13 Pro? Huawei different models? Samsung Galaxy S, Note, A? I remain attentive to your responses.

    December 18, 2021 at 11:26 pm
    • Bellarmin

      Yes we have the latest iPhone models 12, 12pro, and 13, but we don’t have the 13pro at the moment, we also have several other models regarding Huawei and Samsung brands, etc…
      For more details please start a conversation on our site by clicking on the chat icon and we will answer you.

      December 20, 2021 at 10:02 am

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