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September 10, 2019




Templates allow you to pre create a design using the editor and let your customer design his own product from there. The tutorial below will teach you how to create a template and how to display them to the customer.

There are 3 ways to display your templates using shortcodes:

  • To display all existing templates, [wpc-templates]
  • To display all templates in a specific category:[wpc-templates cat=”my category name”]
  • To display all templates related to one or multiple products: [wpc-templates products=”1, 12, 123″] where 1, 12 and 123 are the IDs of your base products.

Note: When you get the error message “You have to select a customizable product first” when trying to browse the product templates, this means you used the same page as customization page (WPD > Settings) and as product template page. That creates a conflict. You need 2 separates pages. It is recommended you create another page that will be used to display the templates of your product “Product Designer Badge”. In that page you’ll put a shortcode [wpc-templates] to display the templates you need. Make sure you use a different page for your templates and a different page for your custom page.

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