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A WordPress / WooCommerce plugin which allows your customers to create their perfect t-shirts, business cards, prints and any product online prior to order.

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WooCommerce product Designer is compatible with business cards, labels, tshirts, mugs, stickers and any type of print product you can think of.


Creating the perfect design from scratch can be exhausting. Woocommerce Product Designer lets you create unique designs your clients can browse and start theirs from.


The product designer understand the value of a print ready PDF file and lets you generate up to 300dpi PDF files with entirely customizable crop and bleed marks.


Increase the price based on the number of characters in the text elements, the number of vectors or pictures used in few clicks.


WooCommerce Product Designer lets you easily setup your own fonts, no matter if they are web fonts such as google fonts or custom TTF files.


Unleash your clients creativity by giving them access to stunning cliparts and graphics organized in libraries. Each clipart can also be priced to increase the cost of the final design.


Define watermarks to be added to all previews to prevent unauthorized pictures downloads by customers.


Woocommerce Product Designer gives you the entire control on your customers uploads by defining the minimum allowed dimensions and files extensions.


WooCommerce product Designer can generate multiple output formats such as PDF, PNG, JPEG and SVG and is able to handle up to 15000px wide outputs. CYMK also supported.


Do you have customers who don’t necessarily need to go through the design phase? The Woocommerce Product Designer got you covered by allowing them to send you files as attachments to their orders.


Vectors have become a standard in the web to print industry. Woocommerce Product Designer includes a SVG file editor which allows your clients to use and modify their vectors right in the edition area.


Do you need to allow your customers to edit their pictures before using them? Woocommerce Product Designer includes some photo editing effects such as grayscale, sepia, invert, blur, sharpen and emboss.


Do you need to limit the colors that can be used by the customers in their designs? Woocommerce Product Designer allows you to define a custom color palette that can be used for any text, shape or vector.


Social networks are today part of everything. Woocommerce Product Designer knows it and let your clients extract and use pictures from their facebook and instagram accounts.


Woocommerce Product Designer takes the product pricing to a whole new level by allowing you to define your own pricing rules based on the elements (pictures, text, shapes…) used by your clients in their designs.


Woocommerce Product Designer let your clients either access their previous ordered designs and start new ones from them or save their design for later.


Woocommerce Product Designer allows you to configure your output file dimensions and is able to generate up to 15000px wide files, including PDF in portrait or landscape.


We keep improving our plugin based on our customer feedback and new features request. Receive the Woocommerce Product Designer updates notification right in your wordpress dashboard for free and for life everytime a new release is available.


The plugin is compatible with WPML and can be easily translated to any language in the world.


Easily order multiple sizes, colors or any variation attributes of the same custom design in few clicks.

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  • Pay once and get free updates for a lifetime.


  • Quickly create custom products and start getting orders.


  • Get more controls over the output files and let your customers customize templates.

Plugin + Theme

  • Don't worry about theme and plugin integration and focus on building your web to print platform.

  • Compatible with any product  
    Business cards, labels, tshirts, mugs, stickers or any other print product.
    Load and use any google font for text elements.
    Load and use any web font for text elements.
    Create beautiful cliparts librairies and make them available to your customers to use in their designs for free or for a price.
    Grayscale, sepia, invert, blur, sharpen and emboss support for pictures.
    Create your own designs online and let your customers create theirs from there.
    Load and use any web font for text elements.
    Define the minimum allowed dimensions and files extensions for all pictures uploaded by your customers.
    Full control over the generated outputs dimensions.
    Allow your clients to send you their designs directly as attachments to their orders.
    Let your clients use and modify their SVG files colors right in the edition area.
    Create your own custom color palette in order to limit the colors that can be used by your customers in their designs.
    Allow your customers to use pictures from their facebook and instagram accounts in their designs.
    Define your own pricing rules based on the elements (pictures, text, shapes…) used by your clients.
    Allow your clients to reload previous orders or save their creation for later.
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58 reviews for Woocommerce Product Designer

  1. alfonsmala001

    This plugin is awesome, easy to use and to many features for everything you need.

  2. stuartleggatt

  3. knmplace

  4. hyokosdeveloper

    The last update literally BROKE my site without any guidance as to how to fix it. The update featured the following text “Just back up your db and click this button and thats all” — THAT WAS NOT ALL. BROKEN, NO PLAN FOR UNSUCCESSFUL UPDATE.
    When you click on the link to find out more about the update – the PAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE. Kinda Unbelievable.
    Now i have to sift through their code and run diffs on my sql db just to figure out what they were trying to do. I wish i could go back and not have purchased this plugin. Really irresponsible and disappointing. I do not recommend.

  5. john720

    It been almost a month now that I am trying to install the plugin. I spend countless hours trying all different including forums and can’t get it to work. The developer spend a little time helping and still can’t get it to work. The problem that I have is “Output” file format as “SVG” seem to stall everything else. Which is the most important. SVG file format provide highest file format as far as printing or engraving needs. If you enable SVG as output you cannot save custom “template” and cannot “Add to cart”. If you tried any of this two it just stuck on “just a moment” forever. Forget about X-Y coordinate dysfunctional and many things. Why do I buy it in a first place? Because the demo seem to work very well. Trust me, I though something caused by my hosting company. I speed days with them and they found no issue. A fresh of WordPress, Woocommerce and Plugin were installed that doesn’t solved a problem. I like to give is a 5 star rating but it’s DOA- If anyone can provide additional help that would be great too.

  6. pfau

    Just want to let you know that I am very happy with this plugin, everything is working fine at https://copan.ind.br I am developing http://allianceone.com.br and http://heliopfau.com and as soon as I implement the login, I will buy another licenses. Thanks

  7. csonkaimre

  8. polsaque

  9. custommadesolutions

  10. djordjevicaca

  11. simpleve

    Works perfect!

  12. italatam

  13. eeleengoh

  14. Nhaugaard

    Outstanding support all the way through. I have been bugging these guys on and off for about 2 years now, and they always help fix my issues, and even more than that. Highly recommended.

  15. Ankp

  16. Denderas

  17. wodwins1

    Tod geglaubte leben länger. Thanks a lot for going on.
    Second Reason is the perfect way to mask the artikel.
    Have a nice time
    Robert Weinmann Foliendesign & Transferdrucke

  18. fahmineo

  19. ayn

    The team is so quick to reply and they are really helpful.

  20. Ujjwalchoudhary

  21. navidnasri

    Best plugin in This category . I Test many plugin like this but this is best .

  22. fjpereny

  23. krealiners

    Thanks for support!!

  24. turkoman

    not expliacation support its negatif

  25. koburasport

    Nice but too complicated and cumbersome to use. At least for me.

  26. painperdu

    This plugin has more features and functions than most other similar apps but at fraction of the cost. It is constantly being improved. If you need a web front design editor then I recommend it highly.

  27. Bigdtrader

    Customer service got right back to me on how fix my problem!

  28. woutermissiaen

    Very good support!

  29. LanaRank

  30. bgrfoto

  31. abracadabraclothing

    I have been very demanding about what I want from this plugin, and have not been let down, the support has been fantastic. Every issue I have raised has been dealt with, and fast. I would recommend this plugin to anyone who is looking to start selling customized products on their website with ultimate customizability. Easy to use, flexible, customizable, and relatively light weight. I look forward to working with this coding team in the future in promoting Abracadabra Clothing!

  32. musicproducer

    – Two bugs (solved by support)
    – SVG image coloring options are poor
    – Support mostly replies only to first message
    – Support is not willing to understand my problem and is not “entitling” me for a refund Lost money and time.

  33. Incrediblebranding

    Works well but did not do everything I wanted. Very good support, but there are products that are much more advanced for what I need. I will use this on a basic site I have.

  34. wimzuidema

  35. leewoprint


  36. mellas

    Excelent plugin for web to print at afordable price!!
    rapid support!

  37. serenitycode

  38. printteamrainbow

  39. CBABC

    This don’t have a sufisiant options

  40. DigoCWB

  41. pulsarmediaonline

    I think this is probably one of the most complete plugins out there. Just. Wow!

  42. bps-sherut

    Good plugin , there are still improvements that I would like to see those.
    Fast and good support

  43. yakstar

  44. kksmall4911

  45. mcbeaner32

    Great customer service with a fast help time, plugin was exactly what I needed and its great for customizing.

  46. pspsolutions

  47. petalpapers

    I love it! I’ve tried a few different apps/plugins before this one, and this far exceeds the others. It’s easy to work with (I printed out the pdf and went through it before starting). The youtube videos were a big help to start out. All in all, I’m super-impressed with the features, functionality, and design.You do have to go through a few steps to set up a product, but it’s really easy to get the hang of it. Customer service is fast and helpful. I highly recommend!!

  48. dnsjak

    The plugin works beautifully, save a few bugs.

  49. yuklintang

    the best part is : you can totally customize the look and feel

  50. mkswamy


  51. pabloalbano

    Since when I bought never got to use, full of mistakes … shit!

  52. aginto

    Great plugin, and super great support

  53. purpera

    Incredible platform. Lots we can create from this!

  54. PremiumCards

    Way too many issues to get this going. It took months to get it working halfway. Always some kind of workaround. Loading issues, setup issues, coding issues, compatibility issues, support issues. They are not in the US, so I have to wait for days to get a full answer, NO PHONE. Ask as question, get an answer in 1-2 days and then, if you have another question, more waiting. Every update makes this POS break, so updating woocommerce can screw up your online designer. Just a huge mess. Don’t read the reviews at code canyon in the description of the product. That’s just a jpeg image of what people said before all the problems. Look at the actual website and how people are just struggling to get this to work. The idea and options are great, but if you plan on having it setup and ready out of the box, then you’re wishful thinking. I have MONTHS worth of emails and fixes to just finally give up. There goes $34 down the drain. To get this on your site, you’ll need a developer who can get it working. Good luck.

  55. bigcandybox

  56. jyogesh17

    The Pulgin is Good. But what makes it Great is the Customer Support which is Very good and prompt. They do help you fix all the issues that crop up during the setup and use of the pulgin. For me that makes WPD a Good Purchase. Thanks Orionorigin.

  57. ferithon

  58. MCI-ZA

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