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  1. nbdayan

    Great support!

  2. PremiumCards

    I did give a single star before this. The software is better, but still has issues that should be addressed. The ability to change the UI is needed. Also, an easier way to change the titles of the sections, like CLIPARTS This isn’t even spelled correctly. Clipart is already plural. Anyway, it’s getting better for sure.

  3. thommenl

    Configuration and contact with support, it was a nice adventure. The WPD plugin is great! There are no bugs !! Extensive and detailed documentation. I needed a lot of time to understand the configuration. Support replies to chat in real time. It helps to understand the configuration. They are very helpful !!

  4. gray_penguin

    Have tried several of these types of programs over the years and this one is the first one I have used that actually gives you 300dpi pdf files without jumping through hoops to get it.

    Still needs work on UI stuff but, this is the best out there today

  5. MichellGreeff777

    So happy with this plugin. Was relatively easy to configure, and where I needed help, the support team were so helpful and fast. The plugin works wonderfully for mug customization.

  6. phamnguyenthuy

    Thank you. I got an absolute supported!

  7. Whatsdesign

    Thank you for making my design idea work!

  8. realtorfu

    Hope upgrade can be done on site admin.

  9. Chuksezeilo

    Great product, great pricing and fantastic support! a developer’s dream.

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