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September 17, 2019




Buttons malfunction because of various reasons. We have found that most times, buttons malfunction or do not function at all because of  several reasons that include these two:

Conflict with theme: Sometimes, it might be the conflict of coding in a theme. You can change your theme to a default theme or another theme to verify.

Conflict with other plugins: Sometimes, it might be the conflict of Plugins. You will have to run a “Conflicts test” which means you start to deactivate each plugin you have, one after the other, to fish out which one is conflicting with our Ouidah product designer plugin.

For example: deactivate the first plugin, go to the page you are having the issue, refresh and try again. If the buttons still don’t work, go back to your Plugins, activate the previously deactivated plugin and deactivate the next one then go to verify again. Do this until you are sure it is or not a plugin conflict.

Please note that you do not deactivate the WooCommerce plugin when you run the conflict test, as our plugin requires it to work.

If your issue still persists, please reach out to us via our support channels for more assistance.

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