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December 23, 2019


Adedayo Adeniyi



Presentation of the plugin

The WooCommerce Products Designer (WPD) is a really simple but complete HTML5 editor that can be used to personalize logos, t-shirts, business cards, prints and any product which needs to be customized by the client before the order.

Plugin specification

The WooCommerce product designer is a WordPress plugin. It is specially designed to work as an Add-on to the WordPress plugin WooCommerce.

Overview of Software Requirements

  • WordPress (minimum version: 4.0)
  • WooCommerce (minimum version: 2.5)
  • A web server with the following PHP (not WordPress) extensions installed:
  • Imagick
  • GD
  • Php ZIP


Term or abbreviationDefinition
WPDWooCommerce Product Designer

Installation process

The zip file downloaded from CodeCanyon contains:

  • The WooCommerce Product Designer user manual (User_manual.pdf)
  • The WooCommerce Product Designer installable plugin zip file (
  • The WPD_DEMO.wpress file you can import in your installation using the plugin All IOne WPMigration in order to get a clone of our official demo. This is an easy way to learn how we build our demo installation.

Note: Make sure you import the WordPress file in an empty installation because it crushes everything installed and settles the configuration of the WordPress file.

And once the file is installed, you will need the following credentials to connect to the backend.

username => orion

password => orion123Go

To install the plugin:

  • First, extract the content of the archive in a folder of your choice and let’s start the installation.
  • Go to your WordPress Admin Panel and click on Plugins>Add New to access the plugins installation screen:

  • Then click on the “upload plugin” button to access the plugin upload page:

  • Click on the Choose file button and select the plugin zip archive named in the folder extracted in the first step.

  • Click on the Install Now button to run the installation.
  • Click on the Activate Plugin link to activate the plugin.

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